Photo cases and methods explanation

Finger pressure measurement with the use of pulse oximeter
(Jan Malik)

The evidence of finger pressure decrease below 50 mmHg (or digital-brachial index 0.6) is mandatory for the diagnosis of hand ischemia. Easily, the finger pressure could be measured with the use of digital sphygmomanometer cuff and pulse oximeter. Select an oximeter, which also draws the plethysmographic curve.
Place the cuff and the oximeter sensor according to the Figure. Inflate the cuff slowly to ca. 200 mmHg until the curve disappears. Then deflate slowly the balloon and mention at which pressure value the plethysmographic curve reappears. This is the finger systolic pressure. Repeat measuremen on 1-2 other fingers and compare the obtained values with the brachial-artery pressure on the contralateral upper extremity