Jobs & Education

One of the main aims of VAS is to spread knowledge. Our Society is ready to help by teaching practical skills either in the hospital of the teacher (see List of Clinics). VAS members will always  have the priority. Alternatively, the teacher (see VAS Ambassadors) could travel to other countries and teach a group of local experts there. The details have to be discussed with the particular teacher. In case of VAS ambassadors,  it is expected that the local experts organize the course and will cover the accommodation expenses. The travel expenses could be covered by VAS in specific situations – especially in case of poorer countries - consult the VAS board.  

List of Clinics

Carlo Lomonte
Vascular access planning, preoperative vessel mapping, surgical strategy, and techniques.
Vascular access surveillance.

We perform on regular basis the planning of vascular access, vascular mapping and surgical creation of different types of vascular access: AVF, AVG, and Central Venous Catheter. Close relationship has been established with the Interventional Radiologists and Vascular Surgeons for the management of the vascular access complications.

Nephrology Unit, Miulli General Hospital
SP n.127 km 4.200
70021 Acquaviva delle Fonti (Ba), Italy
phone number: +390803054496

Jose Ibeas - Parc Tauli Barcelona Spain
The Parc Tauli Vascular Access Program, in Barcelona (Spain) dispose rotation programs to provide training for professionals related to vascular access to get comprehensive training in the handling of this field  that allows them to carry it into practice in their work of care. For further information visit

List of Ambassadors

Nick Inston
Renal Transplant - University Hospitals Birmingham 
United Kingdom

We can offer observer ships or longer term visiting fellow positions.
Please contact:

Tamara Jemcov
Clinical Hospital Center Zemun

Dr Tamara Jemcov is a Head of Nephrology department at Clinical Hospital Center Zemun (Belgrade, Serbia), with expertise in ultrasonography. She has been working as a vascular access coordinator for more than 10 years at University Clinical Center of Serbia (Belgrade, Serbia). In 2013, she obtained a PhD with her thesis titled “Correlation of the Physiological, Biochemical and Morphological Parameters and Outcomes of the Native Arteriovenous Fistulas for Hemodialysis”. She was involved in the Serbian National Register of Vascular Access, who publish an annual report on vascular access for haemodialysis. Dr Jemcov is a member of ERBP's vascular access guideline development group, as well as a council member of the Vascular Access Society (VAS).

Jan Malik
General University Hospital in Prague
Czech Republic

Jan Malik is practising vascular access ultrasonography for 20 years. He is interested in the ultrasound diagnostics of various vascular access pathologies and also in the hemodynamical effects of arteriovenous access. He also does pre-op ultrasound mapping and vein puncture under ultrasound guidance. Besides Czech, he speaks English and Russian. Email:

Antonio Norton de Matos
Hospital Santo Antonio Porto

I am directing a vascular access team completly dedicated to vascular access in the North of Portugal dealing with 3000 patients on dialysis. In the last 5 years, I also made multiple working visits to Angola (Luanda and Lobito) and to Cape Verde (ex-portuguese colonies in África) and I am preparing the necessary bureaucracies to start cooperation with Saudi Arabia. In these places I am doing surgery and organizing and teaching vascular access procedures. Email:

Matteo Tozzi
University of Insubria

Varese Vascular Surgery performs approximately 400 surgical and endovascular procedures on vascular access every year; It is particularly devoted to the early cannulation graft program for the reduction of patients depending of Tcvc. Email:

Matthias Widmer

Organizing twice a year a practical workshop of two days to train vascular access surgery: