Young Committee

Introducing the Young Committee at the Vascular Access Society
Welcome to the forefront of vascular access innovation and collaboration! The Vascular Access Society (VAS) proudly introduces the Young Committee, a dynamic initiative designed to empower and engage young professionals with a special interest in vascular access. As an integral part of VAS, the Young Committee is dedicated to fostering the active participation of young doctors in advancing vascular access practices worldwide.

Our Mission:
At the core of our mission lies the aim to cultivate a vibrant community of emerging talent in the field of vascular access. We recognize the vital role that young professionals play in shaping the future of healthcare, particularly in the realm of vascular access. Our primary objective is to encourage and support their involvement through various avenues.

Our Approach:
The Young Committee employs a multifaceted approach to achieve its objectives:

  1. Utilizing Social Media Platforms: We harness the power of social media to connect, educate, and inspire young professionals globally. Through engaging content and interactive discussions, we aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  2. Educational Initiatives: We recognize the importance of laying strong foundations. Thus, we strive to organize webinars and podcasts focused on fundamental aspects of vascular access, equipping young doctors with essential knowledge and skills to excel in their practice.
  3. Active Participation in VAS Congress: We will actively contribute to the organization of the VAS congress by hosting sessions tailored to young professionals. Additionally we will host a networking event specifically for young professionals. .
  4. Mentorship Program: We believe in the power of mentorship to nurture talent and foster professional growth. Our mentorship program will aim to connect young doctors with seasoned experts in the field, providing guidance, support, and opportunities for collaboration.
  5. Collaborative Research Projects: We will promote participation in collaborative research projects, encouraging young professionals to contribute to advancements in vascular access. Through collaboration, we strive to address current challenges and drive innovation in the field.
  6. Fellowship Opportunities: We explore the possibility of establishing fellowships at centers renowned for their expertise in vascular access. These fellowships will offer young doctors invaluable hands-on experience and mentorship, paving the way for future leaders in the field.

Get Involved:
Ready to take your involvement in vascular access to the next level? Connect with us on social media, participate in our future educational initiatives, attend our sessions at the VAS congress 2025. Your active participation is key to our collective success!


Together, Let's Empower the Next Generation of Vascular Access Leaders!