Countries with at least 6 members may request permission to establish a national VAS chapter. The members should represent at least the following medical specialties: nephrology, vascular surgery and interventional radiology. Ideally, nurses are part of the Chapter as well. Members should originate from at least 3 different centers in the country. Chapter designation may be applied to VAS at any time and applications will be considered by the VAS Board and Council members.

VAS members interested in establishing a chapter should send the following information to the VAS secretary at

  • A letter expressing interest in organizing an national chapter
  • Draft of the written bylaws
  • Proposed officers for the chapter inclusively affiliations and addresses

Each chapter is responsible for the legal issues of incorporation and compliance of the chapter’s bylaws within the laws of their country.  Chapter bylaws may not be inconsistent with the bylaws, constitution and objectives and documents from VAS.

The VAS Board and Council members review national chapter applications. The bylaws of a national Chapter has to be accepted by a three-fourth (3/4) affirmative vote of the Board and Council members of VAS. Once the Board and Council members determine that the proposed chapter and bylaws are accepted, VAS issues a chapter charter signifying existence of the new chapter. National chapters will remain in effect at the discretion of the VAS Board and Council.

Guidelines for Chapter Bylaws
Bylaws for national chapters should amongst others include:

  • The name of the chapter organization
  • The objectives of the chapter organization, for example:
    • To promote close fellowship among members to improve quality of care for the vascular access patient.
    • To serve as a meeting ground for discussing common problems and shared interests.
    • To encourage membership
    • That all VAS members residing in that country are eligible for membership in the chapter. Different categories of membership may be created. Rights and privileges of each membership category should be specified.
    • The method of electing and terminating members.
    • Required meetings of members and manner of voting.
    • Chapter officers, their duties, and manner of election.
    • The governing structure of the chapter, such as a president, president elect and secretary, to include election, meetings, and manner of voting.
    • Standing committees.
    • Financial and legal issues binding the chapter in that country, such as fiscal year, dues, rules of procedure, and legal indemnification.
    • Neither  the chapter nor its officers, nor any member of the chapter, is authorized to represent or, in any way bind, VAS.